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More available meeting rooms for HSB Stockholm

New features

HSB Stockholm and Stratur have added new features to further develop the service:

  • Pronestor Planner w/ Insights: Full Pronestor suite to handle meeting rooms and Management Reporting to get accurate and valuable insight in how the meeting rooms are being used, how the occupancy levels are and how many guests arrives each day.
  • Pronestor Visitor: Guest management system for a professional and easy registration of guests
  • Pronestor Insights:
  • Pronestor Displays: Meeting Room Touch screens where users can now book a meeting room directly on the screen outside the room and get a clear status (green, yellow & red) if a room is occupied/free.
  • Check-in feature to the meeting room touch screen was also added to get rid of “no-show” meetings.

The Challenge

HSB Stockholm is operating in property development and property management. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, HSB Stockholm focus on providing good and functional living.

HSB Stockholm has a lot of conference rooms, but the users were having a hard time managing appointment bookings. It was hard to find an available room and understand how to add resources and catering. There was also a big problem for the administrators. They didn't have a system to provide an overview of available and booked meeting rooms. This was especially hard if re-arrangements were needed to be done, during the day.

HSB Facade
“Stratur and Pronestor has helped us to configure the system so that it’s much more efficient and user friendly. Outside of every meeting room, we’ve added a booking screen, that clearly shows if the room is available or not. If the room is available, you can make a spontaneous booking directly on the screen. If you already have a booking, you are prompted to check in within 15 minutes from the start of your meeting. If no one checks in, the room turns available for others to book. These two features have really made a difference for us! ”
Oscar Hermelin - Application Manager, HSB Stockholm
1600X900 HSB Split Hallway And Display

The result

Straturs' knowledge in the Pronestor Planner - Full product suite helped solving above issues for HSB Stockholm. Now their users can book rooms, resources and catering in an easy and user-friendly way. The system is fully integrated with Outlook, which is an environment all users already are familiar with. If you move the appointment to next day, all resources and catering orders follow accordingly.

1600X900 HSB Split Displays
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