januar 10, 2021

What are the long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Sanitize Desk

As many of us are working from home – following guidelines from governments and ensuring social distancing – we are all wondering how the pandemic will affect how we work, where we work and most importantly how we work together. Many organizations have been forced to accelerate their digital transformations to meet the needs for remote work and the need for people to stay connected while maintaining their regular duties.

But how will all of this affect our workplaces and how we use our offices in the future? Around the world managers, workers, landlords and governments are debating the future office and whether its use is outdated – and they all come to radically different conclusions.

IFMA’s “Experts’ Assessment” study brings clarity to the future office debate by harnessing and analyzing the insights from 250 of industry-leading subject matter experts. Jeffrey Saunders, Expert in Strategic Futures Studies and Foresight, shared some of the conclusions from the study during the seminar “Facilities for the future workplace” held by Dansk Facilities Management netværk in December.

Download a free copy of The Experts' Assessment Executive Summary here