mai 22, 2020

Re-opening Your Offices with Pronestor’s 5 steps Helping you organize the use and operation of your facilities

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As you re-open your offices, the key priority is to ensure employee safety and to gradually prepare the offices for a new way of life - a life where we interact and collaborate in new ways.

One thing is certain - the office landscape is changing, and we need to be ready for it. That’s why we have put together a rescue package, consisting of options in Pronestor’s product suite that support your business during your re-opening phase.

Organize your re-opening with Pronestor’s 5 steps

Using your facilities and following guidelines can be a challenge for your employees, marked by insecurity and uncertainty.

We can help you inform your employees about new guidelines for using meeting facilities and ensuring these are automatically adhered to via adjustments in your Pronestor solution.


With our product suite, we can help you to:

  • Adjust the capacity of your meeting facilities, hence you encourage your employees to social distancing in meetings
  • Organize cleaning routines to meet the new hygiene standards
  • Order delivery of lunch and/or catering directly to your departments, to avoid employees gathering unnecessarily and in large numbers
  • Inform guests about your new guidelines before your meeting and upon registration of their arrival
  • Reduce touch contact on meeting room displays and self-registration screens in the reception
  • BONUS - Ensure social distancing and employees’ compliance with capacity rules via workstation reservations

Step 1 - Adjusting capacity in meeting rooms

When your six-person meeting rooms become 3-person meeting rooms
meeting scheduler software

The fact is we need to keep a much greater distance than previously - including in meeting rooms. Maximizing the use of your meeting rooms now also means ensuring the room’s capacity is not exceeded.

The reduction in capacity makes optimal use of the meeting facilities an even more important discipline in many companies as new guidelines must be observed to ensure social distancing. And how do we maintain this?

In our meeting scheduling system you can:

  1. Adjust the capacity of your meeting rooms
  2. Notify users if they exceed the capacity, without preventing them from booking the selected meeting room
  3. Insert your guidelines in the booking flow, hence informing your users directly in their meeting planning

Step 2 - Organize the cleaning system

Maintain excellent hygiene when using your meeting facilities
meeting room booking

As your offices gradually reopen, the need for meetings will begin to increase. Whether you have your meetings virtually or not, you will need facilities that allow you to have them in peace and quiet - and without disturbing the rest of the office.

In this new way of life that we are gradually returning to, the need for hygiene is more important than ever before. When you use your meeting rooms, Pronestor’s Planner allows you to enter ‘buffer’ time.

This option helps you to:

  1. Ensure the meeting room can be cleaned before and after a meeting has been held
  2. Ensure the cleaning staff can access a report of daily meetings, in order for these rooms to be cleaned in accordance with the new cleaning procedures
  3. Add your hygiene guidelines in the notification e-mail to employees

Step 3 - Individual delivery of your lunch to your department

The new canteen schedules that meet grab N go at selected pick-up spots
meeting schedule software

The canteen is an area where managing social distancing between hungry employees is particularly challenging. Many companies have resorted to a 'grab N go' system, where you pick up your lunch in the canteen or at selected pick-up spots.

With our meeting scheduling system, we can help you with different scenarios depending on what guidelines best suit you. From Planner you can:

  1. Specify the number of employees in the office the day before, and thereby inform the kitchen of the number of covers for the next day
  2. Specify whether you would like lunch delivered to your department and specifically where the food should be delivered
  3. Ensure that when you open for external meetings, you can also book catering for these meetings and arrange for it to be delivered.
  4. Just as for cleaning in between meeting, the ‘buffer time’ option allows your kitchen to have your catering served and prepared before the meeting begins and cleared out before the next is about to begin.
  5. Again, this does not affect the time slot for the meeting visible to you and other participants.

Step 4 - Inform your guests about the new guidelines

New rules for guests at your locations - notify them in advance
meeting room booking systems

Virtual meetings have been an essential part of quarantine and will continue to be. However, the fact is that you simply don’t achieve the same interaction as you do in a physical meeting.

When you re-open for external meetings, guests must accept the new rules as part of this new way of life we are adopting.

To ensure both your and your guests' safety, we recommend that you inform your guests about your new guidelines the day before your meeting. This can be done easily and professionally through our Visitor Boarding Card (VBC).

VBC allows you to:

  1. Inform guests of your new guidelines before and during meetings, they need to meet
  2. Choose whether the guest must consent to your new guidelines whilst giving their consent to your GDPR policy and NDA as they register themselves
  3. Set the time and place of the meeting
  4. Integrate with Google Maps, so the guest can find your location easily

Step 5 - Reduce touch contact in your meeting rooms and on your self-registration screens

The Pronestor suite supports your requirements for reduced touch contact for employees and guests
room schedule software

Reducing touch and contact across the organization is a challenge of its own. To support you in specific contexts, we can help you via the following two products:

  1. Pronestor Display for your meeting room screens
  2. Pronestor Visitor for self-registration of your guests

We recommend you book your meetings directly from your calendar, to avoid interacting with meeting room screens. If you currently have the confirmation of attendance enabled, you can choose to disable this feature.

We recommend equipping meeting rooms with screens to ensure people can see if a meeting room is occupied or not - this is in order to reduce unnecessary touching of door handles, etc.

If you use Pronestor Self-Registration, our Visitor Boarding Card (VBC) can help you to quickly and easily check-in your guests - with minimal to no contact with surfaces and receptionists.

VBC issues a QR code, which the guest is only required to scan, after which their arrival will be registered. As a host, you automatically receive the notification and your meeting can begin.

Step 6 - Ensure social distancing and employees’ compliance with capacity rules via workstation reservations

room scheduler software

We are keen to assist you in helping your employees feel comfortable when they return to your offices. We have launched our new product, Pronestor Workspace, which aims to help employees book a desk in advance.

In this new life of social distancing and intensified focus on hygiene, our solutions help you to:

  1. Ensure social distancing between your desks by only making every other desk available
  2. Ensure there are only x desks available for booking, hence complying with the permitted employee capacity
  3. Help employees to secure a desk for the following day, thereby avoiding travel during rush hour

The core concept of Pronestor Workspace is to make sure employees who come into the office have pre-booked a desk.

This ensures that they stay in their department, that each department has a systematic overview of who is in the office and allows the management to ensure that the permitted capacity of the reopening phase is not exceeded.