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Show if your rooms are free or booked with meeting room displays

Free up unused meeting rooms and get full visibility of how rooms are being used

A simple way to avoid no-shows is to install touch screens outside your meeting rooms. With customized configuration, the meeting room display will help you confirm your attendance with on-screen interaction

Pronestor Display Features

Complete overview

Book, extend and end meetings directly on the screen, to give everyone a complete overview of how your rooms are being utilized

Device independent

Pure software solution that is completely device-independent

On-screen defect reporting

Report defects for meeting rooms via the custom list of room facilities. Users of the meeting room can easily report defects directly on the screen.

Customizable design

Customize the design of your meeting room schedule displays by adding your logo, setting up system messages in your language and adding a company background image

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5 key features to free up your unused meeting rooms


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Pronestor Display
Room Booking Panel
  • Confirm room directly on screen
  • Book spontaneous meetings
  • Release unused room for other to use

20 USD

per room / month Sign up
Pronestor Display
Meeting Availability Overview
  • Confirm room directly on screen
  • Book spontaneous meetings
  • Release unused room for other to use

50 USD

per defined view / month Sign up
Pronestor Display
Room Activity Overview
  • Overview of meeting rooms
  • Way finding for visitors
  • Customized screen design

50 USD

per defined view / month Sign up

Conference room scheduling display


Looking to find out more about Pronestor Display? You might find the answer to your questions in our database, and you should always feel free to contact us with any questions you can't find the answer for.

Is it possible to book instant meetings on the meeting room display?

Yes, you can both check availability and book a meeting room instantly on the screen.

Can I see whether people are actually using the room for the meeting they have booked?

Yes, you can setup a feature so people need to confirm the meeting on the conference room display when it starts

Is it possible to customize the look of the meeting room displays?

Yes, you can change the background and add any photo or logo of your choice.

Can the display solution help me reduce no-shows?

Yes, if people do not show up the meeting room will be released for new bookings.

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