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visitor management system

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The first impression is everything for your business meetings. Making sure your visitors are greeted properly often shapes how they perceive you and your business. Pronestor Visitor gives you a complete overview of your visitors
— and keeps your workplace safe while saving you time.

visitor management software
Visitor log software

Get a complete overview of visitors

Pronestor Visitor is an innovative visitor management system. Get a complete and detailed overview of your visitors: past, present and future. When your meetings are booked, all appointments are gathered in Pronestor Visitor, providing you with the complete overview and automated notifications once your visitors arrive. Reporting lets you see exactly who’s been where and to see whom. Pronestor Visitor can handle multiple entry points across multiple locations.

visitor management software
Save time with mobile self-check-in

Visitor badge automated system

If your Visitor solution is connected to Pronestor Planner, your visitors will receive a notification email with directions to your office and a boarding card prior the meeting – allowing them to check-in by a simple scan with their phone.

An enabled QR code makes the check-in happen within seconds and provides the visitors with a badge – and you can give your visitors WiFi access when they enter.

visitor software

Visitor management system

Our self-check-in means that your reception can be handled automatically without requiring any staff. Your visitors simply register their arrival at your stand and the host is automatically notified. Once checked in, a name badge is printed containing customized information including a code for easy checkout. 

For managed receptions, your receptionists can view every visitor, time for when they’re due to arrive and who they’re coming to see. Printing personal name badges is done with a click of the mouse.

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Visitor check-in system

Keep your office safe with Pronestor visitor management software. You can inform your guests about your office guidelines before meetings and upon registration of their arrival. You can tell at a glance who is visiting, when they arrived and departed and who they came to see. If your premises need to be evacuated, Pronestor Visitor provides a complete register of all your visitors.

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Insights and feedback from your users 

By tapping into data from our product suite, notably from our visitor management software, Pronestor Insights gives you a 360-degree picture of your organization's meeting activities. By combining data and feedback from the users, you can get specific action points to enhance facility availability, which is crucial for employee work processes.


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Feature highlights

Notification of arrival

Notification of the guest's arrival by email or text message

Automatically registered

Guests are registered in advance when they are invited to Outlook or O365

Complete real-time overview

Real-time overview of the day's guests, who has come, has been there and is in the building

Badges for large groups

Preprinted badges for many guests


Several options; the guest can check in by code, by name or even through QR code if you use our Planner software that can send out guest boarding cards.

Yes, the Visitor solution includes a reception module, which is updated in real-time and can e.g. show current guests in the building.

Yes, you can "bulk" import and check in larger groups to avoid people waiting to check themselves in by the check-in stand.

Yes, Pronestor offers a open API, where data from the solution can feed into other solution, to verify the guest has a meeting at the office.

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