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Desk booking software enabling reservations of desks and supporting activity-based working

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Do more with Pronestor's desk booking software

Introducing our desk booking software enabling employees to book a desk for the coming day. Avoid searching for an available desk as you have a complete overview directly on your phone. Select the time that fits your calendar and the desk attributes supporting you in carrying out your tasks.

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Desk management software for COVID-19 compliant offices

For the reopening of your offices, we have ensured our desk booking software supports crucial areas within a COVID-compliant office. With Max Seating Capacity you can limit the number of employees allowed on your premises and it is possible to make every second desk unavailable for reservation. This way you maintain the appropriate distance and avoid having to physically move desks around. The capacity limitation can be monitored in real-time, so it complies with your reopening phases. 


1000X1000 Confirmation On The Go

Book a desk on your way to work

With our desk booking software, there will be no fuzz about finding an available desk once arrived at the office. Everything is accessible via your smartphone ensuring you can book a desk for the coming day. Upon your arrival at the office, you can set the system to notify you to confirm your desk booking. This information will help your organization monitor the actual usage of desks available.

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Book next to your colleagues for activity-based work

More and more work is activity-based, and projects are often carried out across departments. Instead of having to book meeting rooms to accommodate this kind of collaboration, our desk booking software facilitates reserving a desk on behalf of others ensuring you are seated near each other. And they are automatically notified once the reservation is completed.

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Hot desk and flexible desks with our desk booking software

Flexible desk seating supports your workspace optimization. Our desk management software embraces three types of desk booking applicable for various needs; fixed desks (non-bookable), flexible desks (bookable) and hot desks (book on the spot) for all your hotel office booking needs.

Reopen your office safely

As the lockdown gradually eases across the world, the #1 priority for businesses of any kind is to ensure a safe return to the office for all employees. However, comprehending the guidelines issued by each government is a real challenge as businesses try to ensure that their office space is accommodating the "new normal" where we will be interacting and collaborating in different ways than before.
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Insights and feedback from your users 

By tapping into data from our product suite, Pronestor Insights gives you a 360-degree picture of your organization's meeting activities. By combining data and feedback from the users, you can get specific action points to enhance facility availability, which is crucial for employee work processes.

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Feature highlights

Personalize your booking

Book your favorite desk

Max Seating Capacity

Set a max capacity for the office to comply with your own defined guidelines

Multiple booking options

Easy to create and book in many locations

Book on behalf of a colleague

Book on behalf of others on your team


Yes, our desk management software has a feature where you can define and communicate desk capacity to assure compliance with your guidelines

Yes, you can add criteria to your search, so you are only presented with the desks that cater to your needs and wishes.

Yes, as long as the person is a user in Pronestor Workspace.

Yes, if your colleague has turned on “show my location”, you can find him/her and if they are checked in at a desk. It is only for desks – not a live location.

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