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The desk booking software that brings the office to you

It's not about where your office is, it's about where you work from

Going to the office? Working remote? Taking a day-off? Being part of a hybrid workplace is about so much more than desk booking and with Pronestor Workspace you get scheduling, navigation, and the ability to find out where your colleagues are working from built into your desk app.

Pronestor Workspace Features

Easy desk booking

Book a desk that suits your needs and plan your entire week in one easy go.

Who's in the office

Get a complete overview of who's in the office on a particular day


Let your colleagues know if you are working and where you are working from

Interactive floor maps

Get an overview of the building and book your desk directly from the interactive floor map

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6 ways Workspace will change the way you work

Pronestor Workspace

What does it cost?

Desk booking software shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

Everything you need to make scheduling and desk booking a breeze
  • Full customizability
  • Interactive floor maps
  • Whereabouts
  • Group booking


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Looking to find out more about Pronestor Workspace? You might find the answer to your questions in our database, and you should always feel free to contact us with any questions you can't find the answer for.

What are the supported devices for Pronestor Workspace?

Workspace is a web application that can be accessed through any browser on PC, MAC, iOS and Android. If you are using Workspace on a mobile device, you can add Workspace to your home screen by opening Workspace in your browser and add the site to your home screen. This makes the Workspace experience similar to using a native app

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Can Workspace track users?

We do not and cannot track users directly, but with the whereabouts feature you can find out if a user is working from home, the office or somewhere else, by accessing their booking information.

How do I book a desk in Pronestor Workspace?

 You can book a desk by following the quick booking process on the Workspace home screen, by clicking a desk on the interactive floor map or by going to the Work Week tab when logged in to Workspace.

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How do I find out where my colleague is working from?

The easiest way to find out where a colleague is working from, is to use the My Colleagues function and either browse until you find the right colleague or type their name in the search bar. Their status and location are displayed directly below their name.

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