Case study

Kungsleden Oxel


The challenge

Kungsleden Oxel coworking office needed a flexible system that could handle shared facilities and meeting rooms between many different companies. All of this needed a seamless flow for the bookers but also a crystal-clear administration for Kungsleden Oxel to handle the bookings in a professional way. Rules on resources and meeting rooms was of great importance, so no bookings that needed handling by Kungsleden Oxel were made outside office hours. 

Because many companies are sharing meeting rooms, Kungsleden Oxel wished for a clear indication outside each room on who has booked the room. This was so no misunderstandings could occur. 



"The system is modern, flexible, easy to handle and administer with stylish displays that can be varied"

- Oxel Kungsleden



“We have chosen to work with Stratur and they have delivered a complete solution for booking our conference rooms. The system is modern, flexible, easy to handle and administer with stylish displays that can be varied. Stratur is solution-oriented, provides excellent service and a professional approach.”

– Oxel Kungsleden 


The result

Pronestor Planner and Pronestor Displays! The room booking software is ideal for solving the challenges often seen at co-working spaces where multiple companies share facilities. All users within Kungsleden Oxel co-working facility can book their meetings and resources in a “user-friendly” environment. The meetings are created directly in a web browser of their choice, or directly in their outlook (outlook plugin). Kungsleden Oxel administrators now have full overview of what has been booked and when. They can rearrange meetings to meet the facility best. Automatic reports are available for administrators to gain full visibility of meeting rooms and their usage.



“Pronestor Displays was installed outside each conference room showing if a room is available or occupied. The displays further shows the name of the person who have booked the room. This way colleagues will know that the meeting room is booked and they will not enter the meeting room. ”



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