Onemedia Workspace at the Samsung KX

The purpose of the Onemedia Workspace Event was to bring together the latest AV and workspace technologies from OneMedia and its partners.

Onemedia Conference Greetings

The Onemedia Workspace conference at the Samsung KX has come to an end. We had a great time, and further down on this page, you can see all the people we met, the products we showcased, and a small highlight reel from the day.

Alongside Onemedia, we were able to showcase our latest technology in desk booking software and optimization of the workplace.  

On this page, you can find the highlights of the things that happened over the course of the day we attended.

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Meeting people with the same interests as us

The best part about The Onemedia Workspace Event is getting to meet with other people who are just as hyped on workspace technology as we are. It helps us forge unique relationships with other vendors and come up with ideas to improve our entire product suite.

During the Onemedia Workspace event we had the opportunity to showcase the latest technology in workspace management along with;

  • Tripleplay
  • Datapath
  • Ubiqisense
  • Samsung Display Solutions
  • Peerless-AV EMEA.

Desk booking in less than 30 seconds

Booking a desk for the upcoming week or the next day shouldn't be an exhaustive task. Scheduling your week and finding the rights desks, should take up your time. 

Therefore we made a short video that shows just how easy it is to book a desk for the upcoming day. With Pronestor Worskapce it is easy to locate your colleagues with our interactive floor map and also see if they're coming to the office or working from home.

Ready to make the most of your workplace?