May 22, 2020

Re-opening your office with Pronestor’s 6 steps

Helping you adapt to the "new normal" with our workplace management software

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The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath has changed not only our ways of working but also the office landscape and the way we work. 

As you begin to re-open your offices, the health and safety of your employees should be your number one priority, but you also need to ensure that your office and your organization is prepared for a new work culture - one where we interact and collaborate in new ways.

To help you navigate the return to the office, we have put together a resue package consisting of workplace management solutions in Pronestor's product suite that support your organization and your employees during your re-opening phase.


With Pronestor workplace management software we can help you with:

  • Adjusting the capacity of your meeting facilities, ensuring social distancing during meetings and provide full insight of meeting room usage
  • Inform visitors about your new guidelines before your meeting and upon registration of their arrival
  • Improving meeting room usages with displays which shows if a meeting room is booked or available, and displays in the reception allows for self-registration for visitors
  • Ensuring social distancing and employees’ compliance with capacity restrictions via desk booking and reservations 
  • Organize delivery of lunch or catering directly to each departments to avoid employees gathering unnecessarily in large numbers
  • Planning of cleaning procedures of offices and meeting rooms based on amount of desk reservations and insights of booked meeting rooms for a given period (day, week or month)

Step 1: Adjust meeting room capacity

Encourage social distancing by adjusting your meeting room capacity
meeting scheduler software

One of the consequences of the pandemic is that we need to keep a much greater distance than what we have been used to previously. This also applies to meeting facilities.

We have previously been used to gathering groups of people in meeting rooms for the duration of a meeting, but in order to avoid overcrowding in one room and maintain social distancing, organizations need to manage meeting room capacity and ensure all meeting facilities are adjusted to fit the needs for collaboration at the office.  

With Pronestor Planner you can easily adjust a meeting room's capacity and ensure that it is not exceeded. 

This solution helps you to:

  1. Adjust the capacity of your meeting rooms, turning e.g. a six-person meeting room into a three-person meeting room
  2. Notify users if they exceed the capacity, however without preventing them from booking the selected meeting room
  3. Insert your guidelines in the booking flow, informing your users directly in their meeting planning 

Step 2: Inform your guests about your new guidelines

New rules for external guests at your location - notify them in advance
meeting room booking systems

Even though virtual meetings have become our 'new normal' during quarantine, physical meetings will gradually be introduced to our everyday working life again once offices re-open.

External meetings will also gradually resume, requiring guidelines for how to welcome guests to the office.

To ensure both your and your guests' safety, we recommend that you inform your guests about your new guidelines the day before your meeting.

Our Visitor Boarding Card solution, which is a part of our Visitor solution, helps you do exactly that easily and professionally. 

This solution helps you to:

  1. Inform guests of your new guidelines before and during meetings
  2. Choose whether guests must consent to your new guidelines whilst giving their consent to your GDPR policy and NDA as they register themselves
  3. Set the time and place of the meeting
  4. Integrate with Google Maps so guests can easily find your location

Step 3: Use displays for meeting rooms and reception 

Improve meeting room usage and provide self-registration at your reception with displays
room schedule software

With meeting room displays outside each meeting room you can improve your meeting room usage by showing if your rooms are available or booked.  

With customized configuration, the display will help you confirm your attendance with on-screen interaction. Should you have forgotten to cancel your meeting, the room will automatically change status to ‘Available’, allowing colleagues to book the room right on the device.

You can further use displays for your reception where our Pronestor Visitor solution  allows visitors to quickly and easily check in with Visitor Boarding cards and QR code to scan upon arrival, minimizing the contact with receptionist. As a host, you are immediately notified of your guest's arrival and your meeting can begin.

Step 4: Provide a safe return to the office for your employees with desk bookings 

Manage the number of people in the office with desk management

room scheduler software

Making employees feel comfortable and safe upon their return to the office is key in the re-opening phase.  The newest solution in our product suite helps you achieve exactly that.

With Pronestor Workspace, organizations can restrict the number of people allowed in the office in order to comply with capacity restrictions and safety regulations. You can either make every second desk unbookable or you can set a number of desk available for bookings in accordance with the amount of people allowed in your office. We call this Max Seating Capacity. Employees can then book a available desk from home, making sure that when they come into the office, a desk is available for them. With desk scanners you can even see how many people who actually have booked and checked in at the office at a given day. 

This solution helps you to:

  1. Ensure there are only a limited number of desks available for booking and thereby complying with the permitted employee capacity
  2. Ensure social distancing between your desks by only making every other desk available
  3. Help employees to secure a desk for the coming day
  4. Encourage collaboration as employees can book a desk near colleagues with whom they work closely together

Step 5: Organize cleaning procedures

Ensure clean meeting facilities by entering buffer time between meetings
meeting room booking

As your office gradually re-opens, physical meetings will increase in number, requiring immediate attention to hygiene which has become more important than ever before.

Many organizations have put in place new cleaning produres so that employees can feel safe coming into the office and using the meeting facilities.

Pronestor's Planner helps you facilitate a responsible use of your meeting facilities, as you can enter buffer time between meetings, allowing time for cleaning and sanitation before and after meetings without running the risk of meeting overlaps.

This solution helps you to:

  1. Ensure that the meeting room can be cleaned and sanitized before and after a meeting has been held
  2. Ensure that the cleaning staff can access a report of daily meetings in order for these rooms to be cleaned in accordance with the new cleaning procedures
  3. Add your hygiene guidelines in the notification e-mail to employees when they book a meeting room

Step 6: Book lunch for pick-up or delivery at selected pick-up spots

Organize a COVID-19 compliant setup for lunch to avoid overcrowding in the canteen
meeting schedule software

Complying with hygiene standards and managing social distancing in the canteen, a high-traffic area where many people are gathered at the same time and with many contact surfaces, is particularly challenging in these times. 

Many organizations have re-designed their lunch setup and instead converted into a system where employees pick up your lunch in the canteen or at selected pick-up spots.

Pronestor's Planner helps you organize a COVID-19 compliant lunch setup depending on your needs and requirements. 

This solution allows you to:

  1. Specify the number of employees in the office the day before, hereby informing the kitchen of the number of covers for the next day
  2. Specify whether you would like lunch delivered to your department and specifically where the food should be delivered
  3. Ensure that when your office opens up for external meetings, you can also book catering for these meetings and arrange for it to be delivered
  4. Just as for cleaning in between meetings, the buffer time option allows your kitchen to have your catering prepared and served before the meeting begins and cleared out before the next is about to begin 

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