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The meeting room booking system that collects everything in one place

Planning a meeting shouldn’t feel like rocket science

Invitations, room booking, catering, equipment, transportation, and billing. Planning a meeting is so much more than just booking a room and with Pronestor Planner you can manage it all directly from your calendar.

Pronestor Planner Features

Hybrid meetings

Schedule video conferences and hybrid meetings.

Multiple time zones and locations

Schedule meetings in different buildings or time zones

Customizable solutions

Customize Pronestor Planner so you can book the things you need

Data insights

Find out how your meeting rooms are actually being used


Choose your plan

Compare plans and get an overview

Pronestor Planner
  • Easy booking in Outlook
  • Full overview of meeting rooms and equipment
  • Reporting and data analytics

25 USD

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Pronestor Planner
With catering
  • Book catering to you meetings
  • Add catering to your cost center
  • Easy cost management

40 USD

per room / month Get free demo

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Looking to find out more about Pronestor Planner? You might find the answer to your questions in our database, and you should always feel free to contact us with any questions you can't find the answer for.

Do you have both on-prem and cloud solutions?

Yes we can support both

Do you have a fully web-based solution that can work independent of exchange?

Yes, it is both possible to have the solution that can work independent of exchange resources

For serviced offices, can we have multiple companies on the same solution without sharing our calendars across companies?

Yes, we can integrate our solution with multiple AD’s, so company A cannot see what company B is booking or who they are having a meeting with. They can only see that the meeting room is booked in the given time from someone outside their own organization.

Is my booking of a meeting room connected to my booking of catering?

Yes, your catering booking is integrated in your meeting room booking flow. No additional actions are needed.

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