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About Pronestor

Our story so far

Reinventing how work works

We are a Danish workplace management software company. We’re firmly rooted in Denmark, known as the world’s happiest nation – with an incredibly effective and innovative workforce. What’s the secret Danish recipe? It’s how we organize. How we make space for work-life balance. How we collaborate. How we – as a nation – have developed an extremely sophisticated and mature digital ecosystem.

The story of Pronestor is the story of deep knowledge of work environments. For more than 20 years and with customers in 38 countries, we have developed and delivered software solutions to plan meetings, display desk and meeting room bookings and welcome visitors. Throughout the years, we have seen a lot of big and small changes in how companies run their offices.

Many companies are stuck in-between

But right now, something more profound is happening: The very concept of ‘going to work’ is changing, and with that the concept of the office – a new world of agile work is appearing on the horizon: Some companies are going all in and offer “work from anywhere”. Others still pay tribute to the classic “all staff on deck” way of working. Most companies are stuck somewhere in-between, struggling to figure out the right mix and appeal to the scarce resource of talented employees.

From our deep and wide experience with all types of organizations across different cultures, we have come to learn a handful of powerful insights. Insights we use to develop new software solutions that support your needs – tools you can grow with. Want to get in on our work secrets?

Hybrid work isn’t quite working. Yet.

One key insight is how the office as a physical place enables connection with colleagues and creates a sense of belonging. It’s why water coolers are still cool and how ‘culture is best built in person’ appear to be an everlasting truth. Another key insight is that the physical office is only half the picture. The other half has many names: ‘Working from home’, ‘Off grid’, “working elsewhere” or even “Deep dive and dentist appointment day”. This hybrid work model is gaining traction, but also places organizations in uncharted territory.

The hybrid work model offers a lot of potential. However, many organizations struggle to manage the hybrid work model: Office size, ways of working, food waste, overview of people’s whereabouts – the list goes on. For management, the hybrid work model can present a logistic task of unmatched complexity. If not supported in the right way hybrid work can lead to stress, uncertainty and lower quality and efficiency of work. At Pronestor we work to support the hybrid work model – to turn the opportunity of the flexibility the hybrid work model provides into an advantage, both for businesses and people.

Designing the Augmented Workspace

We oppose the idea it takes a job to plan your job. And because it’s true that either you run the day or the day runs you, we wanted to redesign the concept of the workplace. We wanted to make it easier to plan your work. We had the aspiration of turning any workplace into a space that works for you. Once again, we took on the challenge of redesigning how work works. This time, combining how the physical office works with how any place can be turned into a workspace. We call this the Augmented workspace. Acknowledging that work is as much as space in your mind as it is a place on a map. Finally allowing all employees to be their best supported by a tool that empowers activity-based tasks with the optimal amount of flexibility, transparency, and accountability.

Pronestor Workspace: A simple and user-friendly tool designed for outstanding work

Say hello to Pronestor Workspace – a brand new desk booking software tool: Book a desk for the coming day or week. Plan your week(s) in one, simple flow and select the time that fits your calendar and the desk attributes supporting you in carrying out your tasks. Get an easy overview of colleagues in the office and find out who sits where. Workspace is designed to work the way you work, and the way your colleagues work. Alone, together, for one day, a week, at the office, at home, at the café. Pronestor Workspace is designed to make space for everyone to be outstanding in what they do.

Let’s be clear. Pronestor Workspace is simply a tool. We don’t know where your next business success will come from. Except it most likely will come from brilliant minds within your organization. What if these brilliant minds had more headspace? What if they had one thing less to worry about? What if they had a better overview, felt safer, and could work smarter. What if there was a tool to facilitate an augmented workspace that just works.

Now there is.
Pronestor Workspace.