Meeting room screens

Show if your rooms are free or booked with a conference room scheduling display - and book free rooms directly on the screen

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Meeting and conference room scheduling display

Not being able to book a meeting room when needed can be very frustrating. Especially in the case when colleagues don’t show up to their meetings, leaving empty meeting rooms booked and unused. With Pronestor Display you can free up your unused meeting rooms using conference room scheduling displays outside of meeting rooms.

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Say goodbye to no-shows

Meeting room booking display

A simple method to avoid no-shows is to install meeting room booking displays outside your meeting rooms. With customised configuration, the display will help you confirm your attendance with on-screen interaction. Should you have forgotten to cancel your meeting, the room will automatically change status to ‘Available’, allowing colleagues to book the room right on the device.

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Book directly from the screen

Room booking screens outside of meeting rooms

Unoccupied meeting rooms create the possibility for others to use them – especially for spontaneous bookings. If you need a meeting room for a quick call or sparring with a colleague, you can book on-screen and the meeting room is yours.

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Complete overview of today's meetings

Not only do our conference room scheduling displays fight off no-shows, they also provide a complete overview of meeting activity on the given day. With meeting room booking displays, you’ll have insight into when a meeting room is occupied, and when it’s available.

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Help attendees find their meeting rooms

For receptions or different floors, it is useful to have displays showing today’s meetings or booked meetings on each floor. Should you find yourself on a floor in your organisation that you’re not familiar with, an area display provides you with an instant overview of where to locate your meeting. With enabled arrows the direction of your meeting room is provided.

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Completely device-independent

If a device can support a browser, it can support Pronestor Display. It’s fully hardware agnostic. Pronestor Display is purely a software solution. And it’s been carefully designed, so it’s completely device-independent. If you have conference room displays, you can invariably use it with Pronestor Display – so you save money by not having to invest in new equipment.

Do more with Pronestor Display

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Mobile access

Find an available meeting room on your smartphone fast and then book it at the doorway, just by tapping the meeting room display. No more hunting around for an available room.

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Insights and feedback from your users 

By tapping into data from our product suite, Pronestor Insights gives you a 360-degree picture of your organisation's meeting activities. By combining data and feedback from the users, you can get specific action-points to enhance facility availability, which is crucial for employee work processes.

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Feature highlights

Optimise your meeting room utilization

Automatic release of the room if not confirmed

Spontaneous meetings

Book spontaneous meetings directly on the screen

Available rooms

Instant overview of available meeting rooms

Complete overview

Complete overview of the day's meetings for the individual room


Yes, you can both check availability and book a meeting room instantly on the conference room scheduling display

Yes, you can setup a feature so people need to confirm the meeting when it starts

Yes, you can change the background and add any photo or logo of your choice

Yes, if people do not show up the meeting room will be released for new bookings