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Try our desk booking tool for 14 days

Try our workspace management software for free


You can now access our desk booking app Pronestor Workspace for 14 days completely free of charge. That way you can see how it will benefit you when you and your team needs to schedule working from home and the office.

All you need to do is register via the form above, and one of our Workspace experts will get back to you, to introduce you to the system.

The 14-day free trial includes


The full product includes

1 superuser login and 5 user logins   Number of users will be based on your plan
Interactive floormap   Interactive floormap
One prenamed region split in two sections   As many regions/sections as you need
10 desks in each section   As many desks as you need
Randomly assigned desk attributes like "Mac dock" or "two screens"   Custom desk attributes added to fit your needs
Ability to access back end and rename sections, reassign, and add desks attributes to fit your office   Ability to access back end and rename sections, reassign, and add desks attributes to fit your office

What happens after you sign up for your free Workspace trial?

To give you an idea of what will happen after you sign up for your free trial of Pronestor Workspace, we have outlined what happens after you register below:

  • After filling out the registration form, one of our Workspace experts will be in touch to talk you about what you need from your desk booking tool.
  • Afterwards you will be given an introduction to Pronestor Workspace and shown how the system works.
  • When the demonstration has been carried out, we will set up a trial environment for you.
  • When your workplace solution has been set up, you will receive your login info and are free to use Pronestor Workspace until the trial ends.

Note that some time may pass between each step in the process.

Weekly Overview

What is a workspace management software?

A workspace management software is a tool that allows you and your colleagues to manage certain aspects of the workplace. The term most often refers to desk booking apps or other hot desking tools, which lets you schedule where you are working from on different days. Because of that, workspace management software has become an integral part of the hybrid workplace.


How do I manage a shared office space?

The primary challenge when it comes to managing shared office spaces, is knowing where different team members plan to work from on what days. Every benefit tied to the hybrid work model (the ability to reducing food waste, employee flexibility and reducing office sizes) is dependent on knowing who will be in the office at what time.

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Solve your problems with co-working office management solutions

While deciding that your employees can work from home or the office as they see fit does present you with several benefits it also comes several challenges depending on how you have chosen to implement hybrid work, chief among them is finding out who will be in the office on what days.

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